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DX1 Phase 3

Short Board


The DHD DX1 Phase 3 is an updated version of the original DX1. There has been added width to the nose and tail whilst the rails have stayed the same. The rocker has been slightly lowered to make life a little easier on entry into waves. This is a versatile HP shortboard made for a variety of conditions.

Product Description

The PHASE 3 has been a year in the works and is back to being a top favourite amongst the DHD team.

This model has a little extra width through the nose and tail which has added a touch more volume through the chest.

To keep the boards performance DH has kept the rails low especially through the tail of the board. This along with a fairly straight rail outline give the board endless speed and drive.

A slightly lowered rocker gives this board plenty of up and go speed, this has allowed DH to tone down it’s single concave which helps free the board up through turns, especially when the waves are a little softer.

Whether you’re grinding it out on the QS or looking for an everyday shortboard to take you to the next level, you’ll find space in the quiver for a DX1 PHASE 3.

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