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Blak Box 3 Swallow Tail HYFI



Much loved by surfers around the world for the last eight years, a fun yet still exciting board to surf in good, average and even terrible waves.

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Product Description

Much loved by surfers around the world for the last eight years, JS has build a new board that does justice to the famous Blak Box DNA. Bringing fun yet still exciting surfing to good, average and even terrible waves.  

The success of our Monsta Box and Air 17X at the refined end of the X Series prompted JS to re-design the Blak Box to be even more suited to weak waves and surfers who don’t get their ideal choice of conditions day in, day out. It’s user-friendly, and it’s a must have to make the most of whatever window you have to get in the water each week.

BLAK BOX 3 performs best in waves that are fat and crumbly but goes equally well when its clean and hollow. Best wave height is between 0 and 4 feet. BLAK BOX 3 is fast, manoeuvrable and super rippable! It's perfect in average conditions when most high performance boards are struggling. 

An overall low to flat rocker is the perfect all-round rocker creating speed and glide in small to average conditions. Blak Box 3 comes stock as a five fin and will work equally well as a quad or thruster depending on the conditions. Featuring a single concave through the nose running into a double concave starting forward of the fins. This design directs water under your feet to maintain lift, speed and manoeuvrability.

The Swallow tail design helps with grip of the wave face and control of the wider tail. Allowing you to knife this board into the face of steeper parts of the wave and push your turns a bit harder.


Blak Box III from JS INDUSTRIES on Vimeo.

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